No telescope needed

I stepped out the back door this morning to see three old acquaintances nicely framed by the normally not so picturesque power lines.

Venus, Moon, Mercury

Venus (top), the Moon and Mercury (bottom) which is quite hard to see as it is never far from the horizon and only for a short time at dawn and dusk as well as being quite faint.

These three happen to be the nearest other worlds to Earth.

The Moon enjoyed 12 human visitors between 1969 and 1972 and may do so again before too long.

Mercury is a little bigger than the Moon, airless with 450C in the day and -170C at night. It surely should be the god of refrigeration and heating technicians.

Venus is almost the same size as Earth, is 465C all the time, has an atmosphere with 90 times the pressure of Earth's and rains sulphuric acid in the higher atmosphere. Heating technicians would have a hard time finding work there.

This was shot hand-held (rather than using a tripod to avoided shakiness) at F4.5, 1/30sec, ISO2000, focal length 50mm. These are not ideal settings for this kind of picture but I was in a hurry. Sometimes you can capture a lot in an unplanned picture.

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