Monster attacks runner

While out for a jog as part of my recently revived running career I stumbled across one of these oddities. It looks like a cross between a wooden clothes peg and a cactus and it turns out to be the cocoon of a Saunders case moth a.k.a. a bagworm. It was about 15 cm (6in) long. They are native to eastern Australia but I had never seen one before. Inside is a black and orange caterpillar which will eventually turn into a black and orange moth. It pops out and drags its home behind it and retreats inside when threatened by monsters like me. The cocoon is made of its own silk plus bits of twigs it chews off and sticks on. Just when you thought Australia had run out of weird animals...

Monster attacks runner

Composition: for the benefit of the mathematically inclined the cocoon is dissecting the right angle of the paver so the elements of composition are framing and symmetry.

This was shot hand-held at F9.5, 1/750sec, ISO1600, focal length 90mm. The image placement of yours truly was achieved by some slight of hand in Affinity Photo.

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