Eagle weeps for lost habitat?

Bunjil the 25m tall eagle of Docklands, Melbourne once stood in a fairly clear space but is now almost entirely surrounded by office blocks with his last outlook seemingly about to disappear. Is that a tear from his eye? He must be wondering too about what's in that box at bottom right.

Composition: the eagle statue's curves are a contrast to the horizontal lines of the buildings behind and the building site in front.

The image is a High Dynamic Range merge of five shots taken at 0.5 Exposure Value steps around the mean to gather more detail.

This was shot hand-held at F5.6, 1/750sec, ISO200, focal length 75mm. It was midday and overcast. In Affinity Photo I selected Bunjil from the background and increased his contrast to bring out the texture. I also decreased the brightness of the background a little to help him stand out.

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