Composing images: three tricks for any camera

Regardless of what kind of camera or phone you use there are a whole bunch of tricks of the trade that can help to compose a better image. This one was taken on the fly from Hastings jetty, Victoria, Australia but manages to cram in three techniques.

Perspective: the railings retreating into the distance give a sense of depth that draws the eye in.

Framing: the big oil storage tanks across the bay are framed by the railings. If I had thought about it a bit longer I would probably have made them more the centre of attention.

Contrast: the small red buoys stand out against a background that is very largely blue. In the ideal situation they would have been a closer and therefor bigger.

Incidentally the scrawny plants in the foreground are mangroves and Westernport Bay is their most southerly extent in the world.

This was shot hand-held at F22, 1/60sec, ISO200, focal length 18mm. It was mid-afternoon and full sun as it so often is here which makes for harsh light.

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