We all have some old photos that could do with some tidying up. Maybe they are faded or cracked. Perhaps there's something or someone we wish wasn't in the picture. Would it look better in colour? Old photos revitalised can make a great present to someone. Here's how you can: 

  1. If your photo is a print (such as a  picture in a frame) then take a picture with your phone's camera as close as possible. Turn off the flash. Try not to have light reflecting off the glass. Make sure you get the whole image included straight on and in focus. Find the image in your phone's gallery.

  2. Once you have located the image on your computer, phone or device click here to securely upload your file to Dropbox. This is completely private. No one else can see it. You can upload more than one file. When finished uploading close the Dropbox page in your browser to return to this page.

  3. Fill in the form below and click on Submit. If you need to send more details later just fill in the form again and Submit again. No need to upload the images again.

  4. If you are interested in further options such as high quality framed prints, printing on mugs, tee shirts or pillows then make sure the check box at the bottom is ticked and we can set that up as an option for you to view online before deciding. 

We will send you details of how to pay securely via PayPal when ready.

Fix my photo?

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